List of World’s Most Expensive Fighting Chickens

List of World's Most Expensive Fighting Chickens

List of World’s Most Expensive Fighting Chickens – After going through several stages of the screening process, we are finally able to perfect the articles we have collected with data from reliable sources regarding the list of the world’s most expensive fighting chickens.

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The following is very interesting information that you can watch for information on the s128 Online Cockfighting Betting Agent. Which of course will provide information on the 7 (seven) most expensive types of roosters for the largest live fighting cock betting in Indonesia:

  1. Brazilian chicken
    Brazilian chicken is a type of chicken originating from Brazil. This type of Brazilian chicken is better known for the speed of his punches.
  2. Ayama Bangkok
    BK type chicken (Bangkok) originating from Thailand. This type of chicken is very popular among hobbyists of fighting cocks. Because this chicken is considered the most intelligent way of the brain when fighting.
  3. Siamese Chicken
    The Siamese type of chicken among most chickens of this type is a chicken that never gives up in the battle arena. This type of chicken has a pretty hard punch that is balanced with standard speed, as well as varied fighting techniques.
  4. Burmese Chicken
    Burmese chicken is a type of fighting chicken originating from Myanmar. Known for his extraordinary fighting spirit. In combat, most types of chickens use a strategy of attacking, attacking, and attacking patterns again.
  5. Philipine breed chicken
    The Philippine type of chicken is a fighting chicken originating from the Philippines. Known for the speed of movement that is owned. This chicken is a type of spur fighting chicken (knife) and many types of spur fighting chickens, which on average have physical characteristics and speed is almost the same as this chicken.
  6. Saigon Chicken
    Saigon type chicken is a fighting chicken originating from Vietnam. This breed is famous for its physical endurance and punch strength which is the best than other types of fighting cocks in the community.
  7. Shamo chicken
    Shamo chicken is a chicken from Japan. This type of chicken has the most prominent athletic physical characteristics with a 90 ‘body straight when standing. And this chicken is famous for its punch accuracy that is better than other types of fighting cocks.